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Contract Lifecycle Management

Torii acts as the single source of truth for all your software and SaaS applications. With Torii’s automatic discovery, it has never been easier to maintain an always up-to-date software inventory.

Today we are excited to announce our new Contracts Module which introduces a major improvement to the way our customers manage their software vendor relationships.

Contract Lifecycle Management is a great companion to the already beloved renewal calendar feature. Torii’s renewal calendar helps our customers to stay on top of all software renewals, receive automatic reminders and ensure that you never miss a renewal deadline. Now, with the new Contracts Module, all these capabilities are enhanced, giving you a major improvement in the way you manage your software vendor relationships.

Torii’s new Contracts Module gives you more control over your SaaS expenses and vendor management. We have made the following capabilities available to you now:

  • Managing renewals will allow you to better negotiate your next contract
  • Move from a reactive contract management approach to a proactive one
  • Showcase changes in contracts and how you optimize your costs
  • Have a better view on which contracts you wish to renew, consolidate or cancel.

Renewal Calendar

Feature Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of the new Contracts Module:

1. Contracts Table - A Tabular View with Smart Filters

Choose whether to use the existing visual calendar view or the new tabular view now an available option. The tabular view is a great way to view more details in a single glance. On top of that, all the great features from the Application Table are available in the Contracts Table - filters, column selection, sorting and custom views.

Easily create views to support the work that needs to be done now. For example:

  • Renewals upcoming within the next 90 days
  • Renewals with automatic renewals
  • All contracts that should be closed
Contracts Table

2. Multiple Contracts per Application 

Do you have more than one contract per application? Each contract has a different renewal date or owner?

Not a problem, you can now add as many contracts as you want per application, and keep everything in one place.


3. Contracts Lifecycle

Maintain the full contract lifecycle within Torii. From inception to renewal.

Keep track of your contract status to match the contract lifecycle.


4. Custom Contracts Fields

Contracts fields are fully customizable, giving you full control over which data you’d like to store and how to manage it.

Custom fields can easily be created from the Settings -> Contracts Details page.

Contracts Fields

5. Keeping Historical Records

Torii allows you to store historical contracts records without any limits. Keeping track of historical contract information gives you better negotiation power when handling your next renewal.

Manage Contracts with Torii

Contacts management is another module in Torii, giving you the power to fully manage your SaaS stack.

Feel free to reach out to your customer success manager to help you get up to speed with our new feature.


Expect additional contract lifecycle features to be rolled out to your account in the near future and I would love to hear which features you’d like to see next in the contract management in Torii.


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