Properly managing users’ offboarding and shutting down the accounts of departing employees is one of the most tedious yet crucial tasks of the IT department. It includes figuring out what apps the employees have signed up for and used, what access permissions you must revoke and what company data resides in these apps and should be deleted and returned to the safety of the corporate infrastructure.

Miss just one of these steps and you may leave your backdoor open, pay for unused licenses, and expose the organization to security and compliance risks. But more than that, we all like to see a clean dashboard. We hate those tasks that are just never 100% complete.

Offboarding tends to be one of those never-ending tasks.

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Wish you could speed through the process, own it, control it and know for sure that you can bring it to the finish line? Dream no more.

On the new employee offboarding module, you can now manage the entire offboarding process from one, all-encompassing view. There you can define how access to each application or group of applications should be revoked, by whom and what the follow-up and confirmation process should look like. This can include automating the process, delegating it or grouping the apps into different tiers, and applying different policies to each.

Offboarding setting1

You can then set up automatic reminders, to follow up on your different tasks and those of your colleagues. Rather than manually follow up with all relevant executives, reminding them time and again to complete their part of the process, you can let Torii do it for you.

You can categorize some applications as crucial so that they are revoked before the process is tagged as complete while access to other applications can be ignored. For example, choose the costly applications and the ones that have access to your business critical data, like Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and Slack as top priority apps so only once the users' access to all of these applications has been revoked, the offboarding process can be shown as done.

To ensure a quick and full offboarding process from these applications, we've integrated Torii with the API of these applications so you can now revoke users' access with one mouse click, from within Torii.

On the other hand, users' access to applications like Quora, SpiceWorks, Reddit and others doesn't require a license nor does it open the corporate network to any potential data leak and therefore, de-provisioning the users on your SSO could be good enough for the process to be considered as complete.


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Cannot plan it all in advance? Worried that you still have unknown gaps? Not to worry.

You can also configure the process on-the-fly and adjust it as you go. Over time, you'll get all your ducks in a row.

Owning the process means you know the status of each task at any given moment and can report on it. Gone are the days of "black holes" when you couldn't have said what parts of the process are done and what's left to do. Now, from within the Offboarding page, you can communicate with each application owner, delegate the tasks and follow-up on their completion. From the same dashboard, you can view exactly what applications’ access have been revoked and by whom, which are still in process and where you need to act. Offboarding status view

To really speed up your work and get it done, you can select a group of employees, temps, contractors or any other group of users, that are leaving the company or terminating their contract, and start the offboarding process for all of them, with one mouse click.

Group offboarding

And Torii doesn't stop right there. True to the vision of Autonomous IT, Torii now lets you automatically enroll users into the offboarding workflow once they are marked by your HR department as departing or when they are removed from G-suite or your AD system.

Believe it or not, employees offboarding can become a hands-free process. Activate the Torii offboarding module, sit back, relax, let Torii work its magic and track the progress as it happens.

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