While Torii already provides a wide range of details that can be stored for each SaaS application, you and your team will now have the power to add any information you need tracked.

Customers who've had early access to this feature are already using it to track GDPR compliance, assign applications to business units, track security aspects and more. This enabled them to store all their SaaS data in one place and say goodbye to their Excel files.

Getting started is simple — open your Torii dashboard, Settings and then "Application Details" tab. There, you will see all of the available fields and the options to customize them.

Organize using groups

Combine related fields into a group:


 This will be reflected in the application's info tab immediately:


Create new fields

Create fields to store texts, numbers or even users:


Remove noise

You can choose to hide pre-defined fields that have gone unused and direct your team's focus onto information which you find most interesting:


One more thing... 🚀

Any custom field you add will immediately become available in all existing Torii features: advanced filters, searches and application forms.

> The feature is rolling out today, to all accounts.