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Introducing Fully Automated SaaS Ops Workflows (that customers love)

From day one, Torii's vision has been to make software manageable. Recently, this task has become even more critical as IT teams seek to control and optimize their tech stack in a changing and challenging environment.

We are therefore excited to introduce a whole new way of automating your SaaS stack management from start to end - The Torii Advanced Workflows feature 🚀

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Workflows allow busy IT teams to dramatically reduce time spent on manual routine tasks, eliminate human error, and orchestrate IT processes to ensure accuracy and compliance across SaaS applications. That's why our customers love the new automation level we've added.

Torii has proved to be the most accurate tool for tracking SaaS spend and usage, across the organization, the applications and the users. We've seen companies take advantage of the visibility provided by Torii to rightsize their subscriptions, streamline their tech stack, prepare for renewals and improve their security and compliance.

Now they can automate the hundreds of small but time-consuming, mistake prone tasks required for the ongoing management of your SaaS applications.

With the Advanced Workflows, you do more with less - less time, fewer people, no human errors.

Why Torii Automations Are So Powerful?

True automation requires deep knowledge of your company's processes, procedures and business routines so it can take the right actions at the right time. Your company's structure, employees and their roles, corporate applications and their usage trends, licenses and costs should be integrated with real-time information from your G Suite, SSO, HR software and finance solution — to support smart IT operational decision making processes.

Torii seamlessly gathers all this data into one place, normalizes it and helps you analyze it so you can drive actionable insights.

With the new Advanced Workflows, you are able to harness all this data to automate your employee on-boarding, users off-boarding, license requests, new vendor checklists, Shadow-IT discovery and any other use case that comes to mind.

Torii integrates with over 85 leading SaaS vendors, so you can automatically take actions that affect your entire SaaS stack. Actions include creating and removing users, assigning or revoking access to resources, adding and removing users from groups, transferring file ownership and more.

Taking automated, informed actions on 3rd party applications, based on your entire company's SaaS knowledge - that's the power of true automation.

Meet the New Workflows Gallery

We've been working with our early access customers to curate the most useful workflows into a new Workflows Gallery.

To speed up your work, Torii suggests quick-start templates for the common workflows but these can be edited and adjusted as you need. You can also craft your own workflows from the ground up, to address any unique use case you've identified.

It has never been easier to start automating your SaaS operations.

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✈️ Employee Onboarding Workflows

​​The faster you can integrate a new employee into your organization, get them up and running with the necessary tools and connect them with the critical resources and applications they need on day one, the more likely they are to become productive and deliver the relevant outcomes of their role.

With the new "User joins" workflow trigger you can start automating your employee onboarding experience, shorten the time it takes and reduce the friction between HR, IT and the new employee.

For example, you can easily define a workflow that when a user is created on G Suite, creates a user in Slack and adds them to a Slack group.

The same applies to moving a user between organizational units, when you can simply activate the workflow When user joins and then add them to a G-suite group.


🎬 G Suite Workflows Actions

G Suite automation is now available with 8 new actions and more than 10 direct integrations. These include: Change user's name, Suspend User, Force user to change password and more. Most workflows are also available on Office 365 and additional productivity solutions, through which you can access other services like Slack, Salesforce, Box and others.

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Automate Away!

The Advanced Workflows feature is now available to all Torii's customers.

It’ll help you and your team reduce friction, speed up processes and improve the employee experience - all three valuable goals, especially in our current reality, of remote work across the organization.

This is an important step towards making all software manageable and IT operations fully automated, but we're just getting started.

Our team is committed to enriching the Workflows capabilities to meet the most challenging requirements of managing a modern SaaS stack. Stay tuned.


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