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Torii Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction with 4.8 Star Rating for SaaS Operations – G2 Crowd

The votes are in and you, the users, have spoken. Torii has been ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the Fall ‘21 quarterly report for SaaS Operations, and a Momentum leader in SaaS Spend Management.

Here are a number of the other honors we’ve received:

Torii G2 Fall 2021 Badges

Let’s unpack these a bit more to understand how G2 Crowd rankings work.

G2 Grids: The X and Y Axis Matter… a lot

As you can see below, the horizontal axis for G2 Crowd grids is “Satisfaction” - which is based on “customer satisfaction data from real user reviews.” The vertical axis is “Market Presence” - which is based on 15 data points heavily tied to the number of people that have reviewed your product on G2 Crowd. 

We believe that customer voice trumps all: with an overall 4.8 star rating and mostly 5 star reviews, we are humbled to hold the leadership position in Customer Satisfaction for our category.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 9.32.11 AM

Only 5 & 4 Star Ratings, Seriously?!

It’s pretty difficult to keep a spotless reputation in any review system – but our customers speak louder than we ever could. The difference between a 4.8 and say a 4.3 star rating is monumental when it comes to any ranking – whether it be on G2 Crowd or something we all know well like Amazon.com. It’s the difference between having even a handful of deeply disappointed customers and… not.

So, What are Customers Saying?

A little known fact is that when IT professionals deploy Torii, we immediately bubble up to the top 5 applications in their entire stack – right next to Slack or G-suite. This means that IT pros are logging into their email, chat and... Torii... more than 5 days a week!


In some cases, we even help our customers sleep better on the weekends.

But don’t take our word for it, check out some of the review spotlights below:

"Torii Helps Me Sleep Better"

"How many tools pay for themselves during the trial period?"

"Torii makes us work less and faster"

"The most valuable tool you never knew you needed"

"Really care about their user's experience."


Compare us Side-by-Side & Get a Demo

We’re humbled to be out in front – we intend to stay there with our relentless focus on customer satisfaction and user experience. If you are thinking about SaaS Management, please compare us side-by-side against our competitors in G2Crowd and other review sites. 


And then schedule a demo. We’ll show you what everyone’s been raving about within the first 5-10 minutes.

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