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G2 Spring Report Results: Torii is the Highest-Rated SMP for Both SaaS Operations Management and SaaS Spend Management

In a world full of change, a little consistency goes a long way. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the latest G2 Report is out, and (once again) Torii leads the ratings for both SaaS Operations Management and SaaS Spend Management among all SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs)! 🎉

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What Matters Most: Leading SaaS Operations Management AND SaaS Spend Management

Torii is the only SMP leader that received top customer satisfaction scores in both SaaS Operations Management, and SaaS Spend Management reports. These results validate Torii’s unique holistic approach to SaaS Management which makes it easy for customers to see and act upon multiple critical dimensions across their entire cloud app portfolio.  

SaaS Operations Management Grid Report

“The need for SaaS management is evolving fast. With companies relying more and more on cloud apps, it’s not enough for SMP vendors to be competent in one area, such as operations, cost control, risk mitigation, or data intelligence. SMP providers need to excel in all areas that affect SaaS’ impact on business – and offer the actionability to quickly turn information into business advantages. This is exactly what Torii was built to do, right from the start,” said Uri Haramati, CEO and co-founder of Torii. “It’s gratifying to see the market continue to evolve in the ways we anticipated. And it’s extremely rewarding to have customers rate us so high across the areas that matter most.”

SaaS Spend Management Grid Report

IT pros have made it clear; you need two things in an SMP: 

  1. The ability to manage and automate your SaaS Operations
  2. The ability to optimize your SaaS Spending

Simply put, you want a tool that lets you work more intelligently and efficiently while understanding if your apps are worth their price tag. 

You want more visibility, automation that actually works, and an SMP that pays for itself.  

Why Torii Leads the Way: 

Ease of Use Powered by Insights and Action:

We know the power of technology relies a major part on both quality data and actionable steps. Torii provides both in a single, intuitive platform, allowing even the most novice user to see everything across their SaaS stack (even the shadow apps) and take immediate action in as few steps as possible. However, we go beyond the traditional SaaS Operations & SaaS Spend Management, taking a more holistic approach to deliver a fully-integrated suite of capabilities that both IT and Finance can use for a single-source-of-truth.

We’re Customer Obsessed & We Mean It: 

In addition to leading in customer satisfaction, our users rated us 9.8 out of 10 for Quality of Support. A 9.8 rating for Quality of Support is not an accident; it results from a focused effort to help make our amazing customers in IT and Finance champions as they support the rest of their organization. Their employees depend on all their SaaS apps to do their best work, and we’re proud to play a part in ensuring it's as simple and frictionless as possible for Torii users and their employees. 

Ease of Setup for Value from Day One: 

SaaS Operations Management Index

At the end of the day, when you buy a new platform, you want results as soon as possible. Our customers rated Torii highly for both Ease of use: (9.5) and Ease of setup: (9.0). Torii provides users with an easy setup process powered by the industry’s broadest set of integrations and seamless onboarding. The Torii team always aims to deliver the best experience so our customers can make an impact almost immediately, and we know that begins with the setup. 

Time to Find Out For Yourself: 

Blog posts and summaries are great, but if you want to see for yourself how Torii is leading the industry, check out our very-own G2 Report. 

When you’re done, request a demo and see if Torii is the right platform for you and your team. 

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