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G2 Summer Reports’ Big Reveal: It’s All About Lowering the True Cost of Software

We’re stoked – G2 just released the 2022 Summer Grid Reports, and Torii dominated, once again!

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Customers rated us higher than any other SaaS Management Platform (SMP) vendor in both SaaS Operations (93%) and SaaS Spend Management (95%). They’re happier with the results they get from the Torii Platform than competitors and how much easier our solution is to implement and use.

Why is that so important?

Because it addresses the one topic that’s on everyone’s mind.

The Recession.

It’s become abundantly clear the world is feeling the effects of a global recession. How deep and how long it’ll last is anyone’s guess. But we know one thing for sure: Everyone – and every business – must pay more attention to what things truly cost. 

This brings us to cloud apps. 

Businesses run on cloud applications. Torii’s data shows that they use hundreds more apps than they think. And, they unnecessarily spend exponentially more time and money managing them than they realize. 

Basically, when we want to find the biggest offenders of hidden costs, our SaaS stack should be our top suspect. 

Which is why Torii’s leadership in the G2 SaaS Spend and SaaS Operations Management Reports are so key. Customers are saying we make it easy for them to understand and control the two key elements that drive up the true cost of software: time and money.  

Companies are Overpaying for Cloud Applications, And Don’t Know It

Here’s a tough truth. You don’t know what you don’t know. This axiom is especially true for our SaaS ecosystems! Why? Because in today’s decentralized workplace, at least 50% of apps are bought and managed by people outside of IT, without IT and procurement’s knowledge.

So, how can you cut costs related to apps when you don’t even know what apps you have? And when you don’t have visibility into all the information needed to make smart decisions? Information like:

  • Who’s utilizing which apps? How frequently, and how recently were they used?
  • How much does each app cost per user, department, region, or any other dimension?
  • Which apps are coming up for renewal, and how much they are being used?
  • Which apps provide the same functions, and how do their usage and costs compare?

That’s where Torii comes in  

Thanks to our unique browser extension, integrations with expense tools, and ability to discover apps connected to other apps, only Torii can discover every single free or purchased cloud app—in real-time.

It’s why we find 2x more apps than any other SMP. It’s how we gather the depth and breadth of data you need to make the best decisions and the biggest impacts.

It’s why our customers know they can rely on our data to make determinations such as:

  • Which redundant apps to eliminate
  • What apps to renew, at what volume and tiers
  • Whose licenses should be changed to lower tiers (i.e., Zoom Basic instead of Zoom Pro)
  • Whose access should be revoked for certain applications (due to them leaving the company or changing roles)

As two of our customers said in their G2 reviews:

“Torii paid for itself 10x over by delivering us valuable visibility into orphaned licenses, unused licenses, and more.”

“My finance team loves the chargeback details and my legal team loves that all of our contracts/agreements are all in one system.”

Time is Money, Too.

The true cost of software goes beyond how much money you’re spending – or wasting – on things like abandoned or underutilized licenses and redundant applications. 

True cost also includes the amount of time that IT, procurement, and finance teams spend manually chasing down information that’s fundamental to effective SaaS management, but difficult to gather.

And, because that information usually requires action, true cost also includes the time spent on SaaS operations tasks, like provisioning and deprovisioning app access based on job function and employment status. Or confirming with managers whether it’s ok to change an employee’s license tier or remove the license altogether. 

All those activities result in hundreds and thousands of hours spent on SaaS operations. That’s time that lean IT and procurement teams simply don’t have. Instead, those teams can devote their precious time to strategic tasks that move the business forward.

Torii gives you back your time.

Torii automatically gathers all the information you need in one central place. Without you lifting a finger. We surface it in dashboards that are easy to understand and simple to drill down into.

When it comes to taking action, Torii automates that, too. Customers can create the workflows they need to automate even the most complex, multi-faceted tasks in minutes. Workflows that are specific to how your business operates. 

As one Torii customer said in their G2 review:

“Workflows alone have saved us countless hours of repetitive tasks, which is a huge win for any IT department.”

Torii gives you back the time you lost and protects the time you need.

Torii also gives you the information required to make the right decisions and take the best actions. 

That’s why customers rated us tops in customer satisfaction on G2’s 2022 Summer Grid Reports for SaaS Spend and SaaS Operations Management.

GRID For SaaS Spend Management

 Torii scored 95% in SaaS Spend Management, the highest of any SMP overall and in these categories:

  • Implementation Index: setup, implementation, user adoption
  • Usability Index: ease of use, ease of implementation, meets requirements
  • Relationship Index: ease of doing business, quality of support, likely to recommend

Torii scored 93% in SaaS Operations Management, including the highest SMP rankings in:

  • Results Index: ROI, ability to meet customer requirements, user adoption, likelihood to recommend.
  • Usability Index: ease of use and administration

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