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Introducing the “GDPR SaaS Index”


Torii is committed to provide IT professionals with better ways to control their SaaS applications. We’re glad to share our latest addition to this effort, the GDPR SaaS Index – a curated list of GDPR statements as published by the SaaS vendors.

The Torii team and volunteers from the IT community helped collect over 100 GDPR statements from leading SaaS vendors. Each one provides a direct link to the GDPR statement in order to save us all valuable time. The list is growing each day and you can help – give back to the IT community by adding your company to the list.

For a company to be fully GDPR compliant, it must know what data is transferred to third-parties and how they protect and manage this private data. For more information about GDPR, checkout the GDPR Cheat Sheet for a human friendly explanation of the main concepts of GDPR.

We hope the list helps you verify your SaaS vendors are GDPR ready.

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