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Get Ready for SOC 2 in a Few Mins Instead of 3 Weeks

There is a ton of preparation for SOC 2 and having a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) in place can help reduce the workload across the team. Here are some best practices for preparing for SOC 2, which we have gathered over the years.


Gathering Control Data

You will need to gather proof of your control data to pass a SOC 2 review. There are several notable ways a SMP can be used to create these controls and be the source of proof.

1. Onboarding New Employees

IT and InfoSec teams leverage SaaS Management solutions to create and manage the onboarding process of new employees. Not only can you automatically add users to your core tools before their first day, but you can also do the following:

  1. Alert appropriate teams that a new employee is starting automatically
  2. Send a checklist of steps that need to be taken for the employee
  3. Send a checklist on steps that need to be taken by the employee
  4. Send employee responsibilities and company policies to the employee
  5. Add employees to user groups on different systems automatically

2. Annual Access Review

Torii provides you with a real-time view of the systems that employees are using from the moment they join the company, until the time they leave. For your core tools, you can use Torii to not only see who is a current and active user, but also what access rights they have. This allows you to do the following:

  1. Remove users who no longer need access to the application
  2. Remove admin rights to users who no longer need privileged access
  3. Add users and admins who should have access to the application
  4. Set up an automated workflow to send alerts whenever an employee accesses a retired application
  5. Using our SSO audit report you can review what method employees are using to sign up to different systems

3. Offboarding Terminated Employees

Torii can be used to create and manage the offboarding process. In addition to automatically offboarding employees from core tools, you can do the following:

  1. Send automated alerts to remove the employee from all applications
  2. Send automated alerts to employees responsible for none SaaS application tasks
  3. Automatically transfer files from one employee to another as part your onboarding process
  4. Create a real-time report and audit of the offboarding process of each employee

4. Vendor Management

Torii helps with several aspects of vendor management. You can store all relevant information (e.g. contracts, contacts, use cases) and manage the renewal. You will receive notifications when renewals are upcoming so you can begin your security process. If you are ending a relationship with a vendor, you can close this application within Torii and keep all data for historical and audit purposes.


Confidentiality Agreements with Vendors

You will need to ensure that your vendors have the same level of confidentiality commitments as you do. This can include signing NDAs and DPAs.

Store all of these documents, at the application level, for easy storage and access across all teams.

Keeping an Audit Trail

Having the controls in place is part of the battle. Being able to audit your work and prove the controls are working is just as essential. Any automated work completed by Torii and updates made within the platform are kept for this purpose. You will have access to the following:

  • Who was onboarded and what actions were taken
  • Who was offboarded and what actions were taken
  • All applications discovered
  • All documents stored
  • All information added, included who changed them and when

Storing Data for Easy Use and Discovery

Torii can be your source of truth for all SaaS applications. Having a one-stop-shop for all this information increases visibility across the organization and saves time for finding important documentation. This is incredibly valuable when preparing for your SOC 2.


Planning for the Next Annual Review

These reports will be needed every 6 to 12 months. Having the right tool to gather, maintain and share your data is key to completing SOC 2 as efficiently as possible.

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