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Introducing Torii's New Insight Dashboard

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's the power of visualization. Great visuals can enhance, empower and tell a story in a quick yet meaningful way.

I don't mean to take away from the power or importance of numbers and data, however, being able to quickly capture the essence and meaning of data through visuals, without a lot of explaining, can make a whole lot of difference in a competitive landscape.

When you manage a complex operation, with numerous systems, distributed users and multiple KPIs, a powered dashboard is key to keeping information accessible throughout, supporting smooth digital transformation at any level, and laying the foundation for your business’s future.

That's exactly why we designed and developed the new Insight Dashboard - an intuitive yet rich control panel that makes sure IT executives are not caught up in the smaller picture and miss the bigger view.

Torii's New Insight Dashboard

This entirely new dashboard gives you great insights into your SaaS stack at a glance. It includes charts like:

  • Most used applications - to align your IT focus with the tools your users need and frequently use
  • Underutilized application licenses - to quickly grasp your cost saving opportunities and close the gaps between your spending and usage
  • Application category breakdown - to gauge the digital adoption status of each department or team
  • User map - to measure the digital adoption of your employees based on their location
  • Security and compliance - to quickly identify the applications with access to user data, those that may put your security posture at risk
  • Cost breakdown - to get a birds' eye view of your spending trends, month over month


Need more details? Worry not.

All the reports you know and love, on application, user and team levels, are always available for you. Digesting the most critical information on the New Insight Dashboard should simply help you ask the right questions and conduct the right queries.

Hover over the dashboard charts to find out more information like:

  • How many unassigned licenses are there for each application
  • How many active users are there in each region
  • What category is your biggest spender of the month
  • And how many users are signed up for each risky application

Insights for Everyone

The cool thing about it is that you don't need to be a savvy analyst or techie. Besides serving as the single source of truth for your IT team, the New Insight Dashboard equips any Torii user, from top executives to end-users with the insights they need, when and where they need them - so they can help drive the change, reduce spend, increase digital adoption and secure your tech stack.

Make decisions with clarity

Having all your data available on one, clear view helps the organization as a whole make decisions and challenge assumptions based on data, not guesses or gut feelings.


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