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Meet up with Torii at Oktane18


We’re excited to partner with Okta and head over to Oktane18 to meet IT leaders from the most innovative companies in the world.

Torii lets IT professionals discover, optimize and control their organization’s SaaS usage and costs.

Okta customers can maximize their Okta implementation by using Torii to:

  • Gain full visibility to all SaaS apps that are even not connected to Okta.

  • Uncover your shadow-IT.

  • View SaaS usage and cost in one place.

  • Optimize SaaS license usage, improve adaptation, close unused SaaS apps.

  • Understand your Okta adaptation and accelerate its implementation.

(Learn more about the Okta integration)

Don’t forget to stop by our Torii booth. The Torii team will be running demos of the product and show how Torii can help you make an impact in your organization.

We’ll also be giving away lots of fun giveaways, and raffle an Apple HomePod and Google Home devices. Don't miss out.

See you there!

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