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New feature spotlight - SaaS Cost Saving with a Single Click

Torii is a full-stack SaaS Management Platform that offers full visibility and ease of control to manage all aspects of SaaS in the organization.

Remove wasted licenses

The combination of Torii’s capabilities which include automatic discovery, smart insights and SaaS automation grants organizations considerable cost-savings along with ease of use.

How it works

After connecting a SaaS application to Torii, you get an immediate and accurate insight of all licenses associated with that app, broken down by utilization. Drilling down into the Torii insights, you can quickly review each and every wasted license. Then, with a single click, you can take any action you like such as removing or suspending a user or sending an email.

No need to go back and forth between multiple consoles. Everything you need to save on the license cost is available to you within Torii’s console.

Torii - remove wasted Asana license


Manage your SaaS with Torii


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