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The SaaS Lifecycle

Uri Nativ on

SaaS-management, SaaS

| 21 Jan 2018

SaaS is a Paradigm Shift The vast SaaS offerings of today are changing how IT operates. It is not a surprise anymore, that the number of software is growing more than ever, and that software is being ...

Shadow IT - The good, the bad and the ugly

Shadow IT raises a handful of questions: is shadow IT just bad, or does it carry some benefits as well? How does it affect my organization? What can I do today to handle it better? While shadow IT ...

How to automate off-boarding with SaaS Management - watch this 80-sec video

Adi Bar-Lev on | 24 Dec 2017

If you've been manually managing IT daily tasks like on-boarding, off-boarding, provisioning and de-provisioning apps for your employees -  now is the time to let technology do it for you. Torii's ...

What is SaaS Management in less than 80 seconds

Adi Bar-Lev on | 18 Dec 2017


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