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SaaS Management for Today's Enterprise

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4 Useful Functions for Streamlining SaaS Management in an Enterprise

All IT leaders know that their team is stretched thin with an unmanageable number of administrative tasks related to the organizational tech stack. With the number of business tools growing daily, and the freedom that employees have to adopt these tools, streamlining the organizational tech infrastructure and ensuring its security poster is a task of its own.

When it comes to enterprises, the needs and challenges are naturally amplified. The more applications the enterprise sanctions, the more users and data need to be managed and secured, and the higher the need for an effective SaaS management method.

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In our interactions with hundreds of trusted users, IT executives that are leading the way in SaaS management adoption, we've identified four critical capabilities that companies need to optimize the enterprise SaaS stack:

Connecting Multiple Accounts from the Same Application

If your company has merged with or acquired another company and as a result you’ve inherited a whole tech stack that includes tools your teams have already been using;

Or if you've simply just realized that different teams within your company have been independently using different accounts from the same application, like Slack or Atlasssian.

Historically, you had to manually merge the different app accounts or choose only one account to connect to and automatically manage in Torii.

Well, now you can connect as many accounts as you'd like to Torii and enjoy a consolidated view of all the different accounts.

Having this single, detailed view will help you to quickly find wasted licenses and usage trends across all app instances.

Some of our customers have put this function to the test while connecting 15 or more accounts and within minutes they have a consolidated view of their multiple app accounts, finally able to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Connect Multiple Accounts

Team Insights

Team Insights brings even better data insights to your SaaS usage and license. Easily breakdown license utilization by department, filter employees by location, see application utilization by office location and more.

Team Insights

​​License Trends

To evaluate how effective your cost optimization efforts have been, look into the License Trends chart. This view indicates very clearly the reduction in spend over time.

From here you can share reports of all the cleaned up licenses, across all apps, branches and timelines. When planning next year's budget, you can now forecast with clarity based on your current trends.

License Trends

Chargeback Reports

By tying the actual consumption of specific IT services to their relevant business units, you help these business units see a direct link between their IT usage choices and the size of their IT bill. IT can then really impact IT costs, by improving business units' awareness and accountability, and shape demand and consumption.

Torii now provides you with the automatic detailed chargeback reports you would want to send to all business units. Based on the breakdown of employees into departments, teams, locations etc., your reports can show the exact consumption of SaaS applications by employee, team and units - however you want to present them.

With these reports, business units can better understand the IT services they’re consuming and they have the right lever to control them. It empowers managers to ask questions and understand how their consumption aligns with their future strategy.

Chargeback reports

To Sum it Up

Employees have grown accustomed to the benefits of using SaaS in their day-to-day activities. They count on apps like Slack to collaborate, Zoom to allow their video based communication, Salesforce to track sales operations, and Expensify to manage their spend. The number of business applications used on a daily basis grows steadily over time. With no signs of SaaS letup, enterprises must move beyond manual management of licenses and costs, to allow improved visibility, savings and employee productivity in a scalable way.

Download Your Copy: the IT Checklist for Transitioning to Remote Work


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