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Single Sign-On and SaaS Management: The Perfect Match

SSO and Saas ManagementAs companies use more and more SaaS, the challenge of managing access, usage, and costs becomes an impossible task without the help of SaaS management and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions.

Tech companies with over 100 employees use over 200 SaaS applications.

The Rapid Adoption of SaaS Applications

The adoption of SaaS applications within an organization is fast-paced, making it hard for IT to get a hold on all the apps being used. Dozens of new SaaS apps are born every day, solving real business problems, and our employees are eager to adopt them as they enable more productivity in their day-to-day work.

How can IT strike a balance between introducing new SaaS applications and keeping everything under control from a security, budget, and utilization point of view? How can IT enable the organization to adapt new SaaS applications and keep pace with the competition, while maintaining compliance with new regulations like GDPR?

Dozens of new SaaS applications are introduced to the market every week. Torii’s DB is constantly updated with new apps in order to stay current

Automate your SaaS Discovery and Mapping

Keeping track of all your SaaS applications is a must for IT, however, you cannot be accountable for what you are not aware of—CIOs and IT leaders usually underestimate the number of SaaS apps used in their organizations by a factor of 3 to 5 times.

While most IT professionals usually start mapping those applications using Excel, they quickly realize that their Excel is obsolete. The pace of new SaaS being introduced into the organization, and the constant change in employees who use it, is far more volatile than they first imagined. 

As employees join and leave your organization, SaaS subscriptions are harder to track, applications change owners, and annual contracts are spread around the business units. Knowing who uses what is an impossible task without a SaaS management tool.

CIOs underestimate the total number of SaaS applications used by their employees by a factor of 3 to 5 times.

How to Keep your SaaS Applications Under Control

While keeping track of all your SaaS is a complex problem, there are two must-have tools in the IT toolbox that help keep everything managed and under control:

  1. SaaS Management
  2. Single Sign-On

SaaS Management 

This platform gives a complete and automatic mapping of all SaaS applications in the organization as well as who uses them, frequency of use, and their costs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On is a service that allows users to access and authenticate to multiple web applications using one set of login credentials. SAML 2.0 is the common standard these days.

The two can work in perfect harmony together, ensuring that you know all your SaaS, you have a single sign-on for your critical business apps, and you know which employees have access to which SaaS apps.

An excellent example of great synergy between SaaS Management and SSO can be seen in the Okta & Torii partnership.

Okta & Torii - The Perfect Synergy

Torii has partnered with Okta to deliver a best in class holistic solution to manage your SaaS.

In a setup time of less than 5 minutes, you can have a single view for all the SaaS applications used in your organization, who uses them, their frequency of use, and which are SAML-connected and not.

The integration between Okta and Torii allows you to:

Discover anomalies

Find users that are active on G-Suite/Azure-AD but don't have an account on Okta, and vice versa.

Improve SaaS security 

Make sure new SaaS apps can be connected to Okta using SAML. Receive alerts from Torii every time someone starts using a new SaaS application, giving IT the ability to identify whether the new app supports SAML before the org adopts it.

Save money

Get a unified view of the number of times employees use Okta to log in, and to which services. Easily discover unused licenses, helping IT save money.

Measure Okta adoption success

Track the number of total apps connected to Okta over time.

Connect on-premise apps to Okta 

Torii also gives visibility to your on-premise web apps, helping you connect SAML-supported, on-premise apps to Okta.

Keeping critical SaaS access secure is a big challenge without a good Single Sign On (SSO) tool.


Managing your SaaS applications is a challenge without the right tools.

A good SSO solution like Okta can help keep access to critical applications secure. A SaaS Management platform like Torii makes visible all SaaS tools (paid and free), whether they are SAML-connected or not. Make sure your IT has the right tools to keep up with the rapid changes in the SaaS world. 

Torii is the leading SaaS management platform on the market. It lets you discover, optimize and control your organization’s SaaS usage and costs.

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