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New Feature Spotlight: Custom Application Fields

Keeping track of all your SaaS information just got easier with our new feature: Custom Application Fields! 🎉 While Torii already provides a wide range of details that can be stored for each SaaS ...

New Feature Spotlight: Employee Offboarding

We're glad to announce a much-anticipated feature: Employee Offboarding! 🎉 Removing an employee from all SaaS applications is a tedious task. Mapping all the systems they have access to, figuring ...

New feature spotlight: Trends

We're glad to announce a new feature that we're sure you're going to like: Trends 📈...

New feature spotlight: Advanced Filters for SaaS applications

We're glad to announce a much anticipated feature: Advanced Filters! 🎉 Torii is great at collecting all your SaaS data into one place, and now it is your time to be in control. The new advanced ...

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