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Custom Actions further enhance Torii's automated SaaS management

With Torii's workflows you can automate countless IT processes without using a single line of code, saving you as much as one day per week. Today, for those more advanced IT teams, we are launching ...

New feature spotlight - SaaS Cost Saving with a Single Click

Torii is a full-stack SaaS Management Platform that offers full visibility and ease of control to manage all aspects of SaaS in the organization....

The Pros and Cons of Using a Shared IT Service Account to Manage your SaaS

SaaS management is challenging from many perspectives. One of the challenges that IT teams face is whether to use a shared IT account to manage the various SaaS applications....

Forward G Suite Emails of Past Employees

When employees leave, suspending or deleting their G-Suite account will also remove the email address so received emails could be lost. You may want to keep an active email inbox of past employees ...

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