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SaaS Management for the Today's Enterprise

4 Useful Functions for Streamlining SaaS Management in an Enterprise All IT leaders know that their team is stretched thin with an unmanageable number of administrative tasks related to the ...

The IT Checklist: The 7 Checks for Large-Scale Remote Work

Companies around the world are shutting down their physical facilities in response to COVID-19, and are now looking into going fully virtual, at least for the near future. Everyone has questions ...

The IT Checklist for Employee Offboarding

Like it or not, this is the era of SaaS. New SaaS applications are introduced every month, claiming to make work more productive and life more comfortable. They are easy to adopt and quick to put to ...

Shadow IT - The good, the bad and the ugly

Shadow IT raises a handful of questions: is shadow IT just bad, or does it carry some benefits as well? How does it affect my organization? What can I do today to handle it better? While shadow IT ...

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