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6 reasons to visit Torii at Oktane21

We're excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting virtually at Okta's flagship identity management conference - Oktane21, April 6-8. We hope to see you there!

Torii enables organizations to maximize their investment in Okta’s identity management solutions by helping them to:

1. Easily integrate with Okta
Instant Okta integration provides full visibility of all your sanctioned SaaS applications in seconds.

2. Measure Okta adoption success
Track the number of total SaaS apps connected to Okta over time.

3. Discover anomalies
Find users that are active on Google Workspace or Azure AD, but don't have an account on Okta, and vice versa.

4. Improve SaaS security
Get real time alerts when new SaaS apps are connected. Easily ensure that new SaaS apps support SAML before they are adopted.

5. Migrate away from a different SSO
If you're
using a different SSO solution at the moment, Torii gives an instant view of what's currently connected to your existing SSO solution and helps you with the migration effort.

6. Win a PS5!
Visit our booth at Oktane21 to see the Torii platform in action and for a chance to win a Sony Playstation 5 in our Super Automated Raffle.  Register for free

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