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Torii Rated Top SMP Leader in G2 SaaS Management Spring 2022 Grid Reports

Customers Overwhelmingly More Satisfied with Torii for SaaS Operations and SaaS Spend Management than Other SMP Vendors

New York, NY March 22, 2022 Torii, creator of the #1 Automated SaaS Management Platform, today announced it is the highest-rated SMP leader in two G2 Spring 2022 SaaS Management Grid Reports. Torii is the only G2-ranked SMP leader that received top customer satisfaction scores in both SaaS Operations Management and SaaS Spend Management reports. These results validate Torii’s unique holistic approach to SaaS management, which makes it easy for customers to see and act upon multiple, critical dimensions of their cloud app ecosystems.

“The need for SaaS management is evolving fast. With companies relying more and more on cloud apps, it’s not enough for SMP vendors to be competent in one area, such as operations, cost control, risk mitigation, or data intelligence. SMP providers need to excel in all areas that affect SaaS’ impact on business – and offer the actionability to quickly turn information into business advantages. This is exactly what Torii was built to do, right from the start,” said Uri Haramati, CEO and co-founder of Torii. “It’s gratifying to see the market continue to evolve in the ways we anticipated. And it’s extremely rewarding to have customers rate us so high across the areas that matter most.”

Mid- and large-sized businesses use Torii to find 2x more SaaS applications than other solutions and collaborate across teams to get the most value out of their SaaS apps. Torii’s superior data accuracy and robust workflow engine trigger actions that save customers millions of dollars in wasted licenses and redundant applications, and hundreds of hours spent on manual operations. Equally important, the Torii platform also helps protect sensitive data flowing through known and Shadow IT apps.

Customers choose Torii 80% of the time in competitive deals. Their confidence in Torii helped fuel the company’s 300% year over year revenue growth and attract top investors, as noted in this $50M series B funding news.

 G2 SaaS Operations Management reviewers praised Torii in key areas including:

  • Likely to recommend: 95%
  • Ease of doing business: 97%
  • Quality of support: 98%
  • Ease of use: 95%  

G2 Grid Reports are based on real user reviews. G2 uses a proprietary algorithm to rank solutions from data aggregated from customers, online sources and social networks.

To access the G2 SaaS Operations Management Spring 2022 Grid report, click here.  

For more information on what these G2 Reports indicate for businesses, read this blog.

About Torii

Torii is the #1 Automated SaaS Management Platform (SMP) for today’s increasingly distributed, decentralized businesses. Unlike conventional tools, Torii empowers an organization’s entire business to come together around their cloud apps and stay in perfect sync as their tech stack evolves. This accelerates innovation while eliminating millions of dollars in wasted licenses, hundreds of hours spent on manual operations, and protecting sensitive data flowing through known and Shadow IT apps. Torii’s customers include Carrier Corporation, Instacart, Bumble, Athletic Greens, Palo Alto Networks, and Payoneer. Torii is backed by leading venture capital firms including Tiger Global Management, Wing Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, Uncork Capital, Entree Capital, and Scopus Ventures. Learn more at www.toriihq.com and follow on Twitter @Torii_hq or LinkedIn.

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