Use the new Workflows feature from Torii to automate your tasks, making your business more efficient, employees more engaged, and giving you more free time to focus on high level strategy. Torii does the mundane work for you.

While workflows can be customized to cater many use-cases, we'd like to showcase a couple of workflows that our customers have already deployed successfully:

Security Review of New Applications


When new applications are added by employees, it is a good time to run a quick security review. With this workflow, an assigned reviewer can be asked to review and fill in details regarding new applications:

  1. When a new application is detected, a form is sent to the reviewer asking him to answer a few security questions regarding the application.
  2. When the form is submitted, data for the application is logged into Torii.

This workflow can be customized to gather information from a specific employee, or the first user who've used the application.


Automatic License Optimization


Many times employees stop using an application, but you're still charged for their licenses. This workflow can optimize the licenses in three simple steps:

  1. Detect users who've stopped using an application for a long period of time.
  2. Automatically email the employee to ask if we can remove his license.
  3. Torii reads the response and if approved, removes his license automatically.

This workflow is available and can help you auto-magically save license costs.

What will you automate?

The Workflows feature is available today to all accounts, so … Mix and match Triggers and Actions to automate the manual work that needs to be done today.